Dona Maria, whose name comes from the Brazilian and Spanish muse of the theater, is a Lebanese lady born in Beirut on the 4th of September.

(Dona Maria has no sisters or brothers)


She authored a book “The Twin’s Secret Story” that was successfully run in stores for two years; but Dona Maria wanted more. “I have always been a music lover” she said. In 2000, Dona Maria continued to explore her writings…


Dona Maria's career as a professional singer and actress took off in 2003 when she stared in the theatrical play of Danielle de Barbabarak in 2002-2003. She worked her way from the bottom up and that is how her fans know her.


She has always been serious about her career. The actress/singer and writer love children and always encouraged them to follow their dreams. "The whole world is open to us as long as we work for something guys" Dona Maria Said.


Dona Maria usually write her songs lyrics and sometimes she compose her own songs music and give her opinion in the arrangements also but she doesn't mind to listen to other songs or poetries and if she liked she might sing for others poets and composers as it happened with her first double hits for the music side...


'No Quiero' and 'La Mosh Aayza' are her good luck songs and they represent a tremendous leap forward in Dona Maria's extraordinary career.


'I applied several rhythms in my songs such as: Rap, House, Turkish, Greek, oriental and so many others. At this moment in my life, I want to surround myself with music and musicians who are interested in creating new and unique sounds; I want to create magic with my double album 'DONA MARIA' Dona Maria Said.

The new double version Puedo Olvidar spanish version and Kedah Hansak Arabic version music and lyrics by Dona Maria are a very special songs lyrically and musically for the artist, My new songs are from latest experiences in life and hold messages and deep meaning and i would love to ask my fans from arround the world to listen well to the spanish and arabic versions to get the meaning and i'm sure they will.


Dona Maria in your songs and videos we realize that you have a special aggressive character and some times we saw you a very sweet and lovely one who are you from those two characters? Are you that tough with an aggressive character or you are that sweet and lovely person?

The answer is a little bit of both. "I can be very sweet, loving and sexy" said Dona Maria. I can also be aggressive and strong as I define my own boundaries. I'm honest and I love people and hope they love me as I am "Dona Maria" an honest person. that comes through in my voice and lyrics." Thank you!